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AVPU is the innovative music project that mesh the sound of Progressive Metal with the electricity of Techno Trance.

“The AVPU project was born from my recurring dreams. The sound combines two genres with vastly different styles that invoke similar feelings in my mind.” Fabio Dozzo



Fabio is the brain behind the AVPU project. He boasts numerous music collaborations, particularly in the world of metal; despite this, he’s always tried to change his style by getting involved in different genres like electronica which has greatly influenced his most recent compositions. His dream is to recreate the emotions he feels when making his music in the people who listen to it.


Marco is, without a doubt, one of the most well-known and talented Italian progressive metal guitarists in the world. His music history is decorated with influential collaborations, some of the most prominent having been done with James LaBrie and PFM. He decided to collaborate in the guitar recordings for the single “The Great Fable,” adding his signature style to the final result.


Rohan Sharma is an amazing keyboardist from Tasmania, Australia. Sharma plays most of the instrumentation on his albums, but also calls upon talented guitarists. His music is a melodic, progressive metal with an emphasis on keyboards, but with plenty of guitar. He is inspired by Jordan Rudess’ style of playing with plenty of quick, technical keyboard passages with gives him ample time to display his own talents. He plays in the song ‘The Great Fable’.


Luca and Fabio know each other from taking the stage with Progeny and Dream Theater Tribute Band, and they became fast friends. Despite the long distance between them, they’ve stayed in touch and managed to finalize their collaboration for the band AVPU’s first single. For Luca, the bass is like an extension of his soul, and thanks to this, he’s able to compose one-of-a-kind arrangements that show his passions for dance music.


At 23 years old, he’s one of the most sought-after drummers in Triveneto. Simone Tomasella, not by chance also known as “Slippy,” is known for his speed and precision in drumming. He’s become an endorser for Woodrums, an up-and-coming company from Polcenigo that makes custom-fitted drumsets. You can hear his grit in the single ‘The Great Fable.’


Luca and Fabio have been close friends for over 20 years, thanks to their shared passion for music. Joined by a great artistic kinship, they recorded the record ‘Reveille’ with the Italian REALIA project, and they’ve composed all the material relating to the AVPU project. Luca is involved in many musical collaborations, both as an artistic producer with the singer Dalia Buccianti and as the guitarist for the band Lingalad.


Emanuele is a young and virtuoso guitar teacher from the province of Milan. He plays in the Martian Patriots band and loves Prog Metal. Thanks to his skills he was able to interpret the compositional ideas of the AVPU project and finalize the definitive DEMO songs.

Events manipulated by lies make history. the unconscious human flock follows the hungry dogs of its shepherd, this is not a fantasy… it’s ‘The Great Fable’